Alubond U.S.A

First-Class Aluminium Cladding and Composite Panels in Dubai & UAE

The premier choice for aluminium composite panels (ACP) and metal composite material(MCM) panels, Alubond USA products are used in more than 90 countries by architects, engineering firms, and construction companies.

The brand is owned by Mulk Holdings, a multinational conglomerate with a diversified and global business portfolio.Based in UAE, our aluminium company is a distinguished global providerof composite cladding and aluminium composite panel supplies in both local and international markets.

The leader of aluminium companies in Dubai and in UAE

For international builders that need the products and services of aluminium cladding companies in UAE, Alubond is the first company they seek.Our range of composite cladding products is versatile enough for a variety of applications, such as on the interior and exterior surfaces of building structures. Numerous companies and contractors turn to our company for composite claddingsolutions, particularly for use in solar power systems. Our products are commonly used as a thin coating on the surfaces of structures, such as the following:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Window Cases
  • Building Sidings
  • Skin Over Building Materials

Cementing our position as the leader of aluminium cladding companies in UAE are our two new production facilities in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. Together with our existing plants in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, our aluminium company is now able to generate more than 20,000,000 square metre worth of aluminium composite panel units.

We continue to guarantee the excellence of our products by ensuring every unit we produce complies with the highest and strictest industry standards for quality, strengthening our position as one of the major aluminium companies in Dubai and the Middle East.

The cladding company that delivers a complete suite of products in Dubai & overseas

With over 13 years of operations in UAE, weare proud of our significant industry experience and the solid roots we have formed in the country, which include a global headquarters in Sharjah. We continue our efforts to expand our range of products – fire rated metal panels, exotic metal MCMs with different skins (i.e., galvanised steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and titanium), A2 and B2 Mineral Core ACP, and Honeycomb, among others. We have also invested in manufacturing facilities dedicated to producing fire-rated mineral core, fire-rated adhesive films, and colour-coated coils.

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