Alubond U.S.A

The Leader of Aluminium Cladding Companies in UAE

Alubond USA is the leading brand for the aluminium composite panel. UAE based, our aluminium cladding and supplies are used by architects in over 90 countries and we are proud to be their premiere choice for the aluminium composite panel and aluminium cladding for buildings.

International builders know that when they need one of the most trusted aluminium companies in Dubai, to make us their first call. Our aluminium cladding in Dubai and UAE is ideal for interiors, exteriors and for corporate identity applications. Since we are the leading aluminium company in UAE, we are the first choice many professionals have when they need cladding substructure solutions for their solar power systems.

Our new production plants in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia allow us to install an impressive 20,000,000 square meters of aluminium composite panels in Dubai and the rest of the world annually. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that every aluminium composite panel and aluminium cladding that comes off our production line meets the highest industry standards, which makes us one of the finest aluminium cladding companies in Dubai and UAE.
The aluminium cladding in UAE is often used as a thin coating on the exterior of a product. It can be found in areas like:

  • Building Siding
  • Exterior Doors
  • Skin Over Other Building Metals
  • Window Cases

Based in UAE for more than 13 years, our global headquarters is located in Sharjah. We take great pride in our roots in the UAE. With our continued focus on excellence, we will continue to be one of the leading aluminium companies in Dubai and beyond.
If you are in need of aluminium cladding or the aluminium composite panel, contact us today. We’ll work with you to fill any order, regardless of size and make certain every product you receive from us meets the highest industry standards.